CASTrGARD – Wheel Guards


Patient Safety

Designed by a Doctor/Engineer who understands the clinical environment, CASTrGARD® eliminates the need to stop monitoring the patient to clear a wheel obstruction.

Simple, Easy & Effective

CASTrGARD is quick and simple to put on and take off without requiring complex instruction manuals or usage procedures. Our superior one-piece design is the most convenient wheel guard device available without parts to lose or adjust. CASTrGARD conveniently moves cords and hoses as you move your equipment.

Low Price

CASTrGARD costs less and surpasses the performance of alternative devices. Our low price results in a fast return on your investment, estimated to occur in less than three months.

Cost Savings

CASTrGARD protects expensive cables, probes and lead wires, which leads to significant cost savings, estimated at up to $1000/year per operating room without even including time savings or reduced hassles.

Short Style will now fit the Mindray A3 Anesthesia Machines.

Please Call AES with any questions on determining the correct size CASTrGARD for your device 800-426-5007.

Product Size Caster Size Quantity Color
Small Up to 5” (12.7 cm) BX/4 Yellow, Grey, Light Blue, Red
Medium 5” to 6” (12.7 -> 15.2 cm) BX/4 Grey, Light Blue
Large 5” to 7.1”(12.7 -> 18.1 cm) BX/4 Yellow, Grey, Light Blue, Red
Large Short 5″ to 7.1″ (short style) BX/4 Grey
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Description UOM Item Number PriceQuantity

CASTrGARDs, Small, Red

BX44845SM-RED $179.95

CASTrGARDs, Small, Yellow

BX4 4845SM-YELLOW $179.95

CASTrGARDs, Small, Blue

BX4 4845SM-BLUE $179.95

CASTrGARDs, Small, Grey

BX4 4845SM-GREY $179.95

CASTrGARDs, Medium, Blue

BX4 4845MD-BLUE $179.95

CASTrGARDs, Medium, Grey

BX4 4845MD-GREY $179.95

CASTrGARDs, Large, Red

BX4 4867LG-RED $179.95

CASTrGARDs, Large, Yellow

BX4 4867LG-YELLOW $179.95

CASTrGARDs, Large, Blue

BX4 4867LG-BLUE $179.95

CASTrGARDs, Large, Grey

BX4 4867LG-GREY $179.95

CASTrGARDs, Large, Short, Grey

BX4 4867LG-SHORT $189.00

Additional information

Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 8 in


Item Number

4845SM-RED, 4845SM-YELLOW, 4845SM-BLUE, 4845SM-GREY, 4845MD-BLUE, 4845MD-GREY, 4867LG-RED, 4867LG-YELLOW, 4867LG-BLUE, 4867LG-GREY, 4867LG-SHORT